Friday, February 19, 2016

Do you know any young children? Toddlers or three year olds? This could be the perfect gift!

It's my newest book!! This sweet picture book brings comfort and gently, joyfully builds bonds. Everyone loves to hear how much they are loved. Toddler, parent, and grandparent tested, this book guarantees smiles.

Follow Frog and Duck throughout their day from the morning sunshine to sweet dreams.

I invite you to help bring this book to into your home. Head over to Indiegogo to join in the campaign. Choose the perks and rewards that you love. Something for little ones, and something special for YOU. 

​I appreciate your help in sharing this special book with people in your circle who would love to have a snuggle and a smile with the little ones in their lives. Click right here to head on over and watch the video to see a sample of 
I Love You So Much.