About this Blog

My husband, kids and I have a pretty open home and open hearts. We've had lots of company for meals and lots of the time people have asked me questions about making a home or running a kitchen. I'm not the world's expert in it but I have learned a thing or two over the years.

This blog is a patchwork quilt of cooking, organizing, cleaning, gardening, and parenting. It's a home life blog.

The other websites and blogs are all about building a positive life. This one is about building a positive and peaceful home. As always, take what you need and leave the rest. If you find a tip or recipe that you can use to lift your spirits and brighten your personal environment then I accomplished my goal.

Once decades ago at a party I asked an older woman for a recipe of a very yummy cookie she had made. She smiled and then said, "You certainly may NOT." Well, I'm sure she's dead now and her recipe is long gone too. On the other hand, my dear mom type friend Gloria (who died in 2012) shared her Mad 'n' Cheese recipe with me, and her Aunt Ida's banana bread recipe too. Her generosity warms my soul to this day. So I want to share what I can--from my heart to yours to light up any small bit of this world.

I love comments, so please feel invited. Imperfection is good.
Did I mention that I love comments? :-)

Aunt Laya

Me and my favorite mug. In cold weather I start each morning with a cup of warm water with lemon, honey, and spiralina--green healthy stuff that makes me feel better. I usually do my posts in the morning with this or another of my giant mugs by my side.