Mindset for the Home

The Center of the Home
עקרת הבית

More than a "housewife"
The word "housewife," unfortunately, conjures images of a bedraggled woman who is "less than." And somehow if you're happy as a housewife, you must be under some kind of mind or other kind of control. Oy. The Hebrew, on the other hand, translates as the "main point of the home." Did you ever hear the expression: "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? Well, it's true. The woman certainly has the power to set the tone of the home. This is a power that is a source and flows out into all of life for the whole family. Do not underestimate the power of a woman and her influence in all aspects of life through what she creates and provides in her home.

The hard part is--yes, let's be honest--planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen--then starting over is not always so fun. How is vacuuming supposed to be uplifting? Our subconscious has been infiltrated with mixed up ideas that value has something to do with how much money you have or make. We are bombarded by images of svelte, smooth skinned models. And in the meantime, we're feeling frazzled. Who made those standards? And do you really want to buy into them?

My dear women, it's up to us to take back the truth about the power of changing the world, starting with the nourishing concept and foundation called home. A warm and welcoming place is where we and our families will always return to. It is not the least of what we do, it is the foundation!

Peace in the Home
Creating an environment of peace in the home is one of the best ways to enjoy your time in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a home. People like to congregate in the kitchen. Do all you can to make this environment a place that welcomes you and your loved ones. Let peace reign. That means you don't have to be right (even though we all know that you are right!). Be loving and enjoy your time as best you can. We're not perfect, no one expects you to be like some fake out lady from a commercial in the 1950's. Still, it's the goal to be happy, feel love, and feel grateful above all, no matter what your budget or skill level in the kitchen.

A favorite piece of art and
some comforting pieces from
my Mom's kitchen make
my space warm for me.
A cluster of images that nurture
me: flowers, women dancing,
a woman lighting candles, and
holding new life.

If you are raising a family, you'll spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Make it a place that nurtures you. Have art on the walls that you love and that nurtures you. Cooking with love makes both the cook and the food healthier.  Like music? Have music you love that lifts your spirits. It can be soft or you might want to dance while you cook.

You can also decorate yourself with wonderful embellishments: a pretty scarf, lovely earrings, or a sparkly bracelet. Running a home can certainly feel mundane, so go ahead and dress in a way that comforts and honors you.

Ask yourself the right questions. One of my favorites (learned from an audio bite by Zelig Pliskin) is "How can I make what I'm doing more meaningful?" It reminds me that though the repetition of doing this thing over and over feels so mundane, it is not.

This wonderful painting was a gift from a friend. It absolutely warms my heart and soul to see it.

Your Health
I keep a giant cup with a lid and a straw right on the counter so that it's easy to grab and drink. My drink of choice at the time of this writing is filtered water, lemon juice, and three drops of stevia. Find what works for you and hydrate yourself as you work. Enough water in your life will improve your mood to say the least. Proper hydration will do more than that over a lifetime.

I also keep a little box with my vitamins in the compartments so they're easy to access.

Your Balance
Since you are the foundation of your home, make sure you are nourished physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If you need some mental or emotional nurturing, come visit my website (www.auntlaya.com and be sure to sign up to receive newsletters--in the side bar there) or the connected blog (www.auntlaya.blogspot.com)--though the website has all the new postings, there is a LOT on the other blog as well.

Learning how to self nurture is an important element in every woman's life. It's like when you're flying and you have to put on your own oxygen mask first. You can't help others if you're passed out! The famous quote by Hillel comes to mind: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?"

Fresh is best, a good attitude is better still
The more  you can make that is fresh, the healthier--and ultimately the yummier--your food will be. That said, the happier YOU are, the healthier your whole house will be. Do not let the latest breaking news about gluten stress you out. The latest, hottest trends in healthy living can suddenly make it seem that all your efforts are for nought. Never mind them. Take what you can into account. Run your home with as much love as you can muster. A good attitude is best of all.

So take what ever works of this information for how it can serve you.

I just adore pomegranates.
Everything about them seems like beauty to me.
This painting on silk is by a local artist. 

Choose Joy
We make choices every day. There are going to be problems all throughout life. The problems will never end. There will always be something in the dirty clothes hamper. There will always be laundry to do, the bathroom will need cleaning again, some baby will be throwing up or a pipe leaking or a deadline looming for a project.

Newsflash: It doesn't end. So, the idea is to find a way to enjoy all of it. Or at least take it in stride. Or at least have a good girlfriend to call up when you need to let off steam (one who will support what is important in your life, love you through the tough stuff, and remind you "this too shall pass.")

This Too Shall Pass
So do your best to enjoy yourself, your family, your creativity--right now.

Please contact me if you have questions. Or answers, or comments or anything else you want to share.
Only blessings!
Aunt Laya


  1. Wow! I'm so happy I clicked on your link to this blog. It's just wonderful.

  2. Lovely Laya, informative and nuturing just like you!


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