Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amazing Gefilte Fish Recipe

Popular at my holiday table, this is my version of gefilte fish. If you don't know, gefilte fish is sort of like the ground beef of the fish world and is an "Ashkenazi" (Eastern European) Jewish recipe and is traditionally served as a first course on Sabbath and festival meals. Often people will boil the loaf (in the parchment paper) in a big pot of water with a carrot and celery, salt, pepper and maybe some sugar. My "doctored" recipe is a favorite. I gauge if people like it by how much leftovers there are—or not.

Amazing Gefilte Fish Recipe 
© 2011 Laya Saul

Gefilte fish in a prepared, frozen roll or loaf
Lemon juice (optional)
Cider vinegar
Olive oil (or other oil)
Salt (optional)
Garlic granules (optional)
Dried or fresh basil
Tomato paste thinned to a thick sauce

Take the fish loaf out of the freezer so it begins to thaw
Peel and slice onion into rings
Line a loaf pan with sliced onion rings
Remove the parchment from around the loaf
Place in the loaf pan
Drizzle the lemon, vinegar, and oil over the fish loaf
~about a few table spoons of liquid per ingredient, there should be a little puddle of liquid at the bottom of the pan
Sprinkle the pepper, salt, garlic, and basil onto the loaf
Spread/pour the tomato paste so that the top of the loaf is covered completely

Bake uncovered at a medium temperature ~350 F or number 5.5 European for about 30 minutes uncovered.
Then cover and bake for another 30 minutes. If your oven doesn’t bake things well, you can leave it in to continue to bake a bit longer. (As long as you don’t burn it, it will be fine to bake for longer.)

This finished recipe takes a while to cool. When it has cooled enough to handle, cut into slices and arrange on a serving plate. Arrange the onions around the fish slices. If there is sauce at the bottom, drizzle it over the slices.
It can be served warm or cold from the fridge.  

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