Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Veggie Salad Slaw

I don't really use so much lettuce but I do love salads and this has become a staple at my house. It is really just a mix of any veggies you love and have redly available and fresh. The dressing is super simple.

White cabbage, chopped or grated
Red, yellow, orange peppers (what ever shape and size you like)
Purple cabbage, chopped or grated

Add any of the following as you like:
Cucumbers, small cubes
Kohlrabi, small cubes
Garbanzo beans
Tomato, chopped OR cherry tomatoes
Hearts of palm
Pumpkin or sunflower seeds
Fresh frozen peas (they will thaw if you put them in the bowl first and then cut the veggies for the rest of the salad

2-3 T Lemon juice (I use the juice of one average size lemon to a serving bowl of salad)
2-3 T Olive oil, cold pressed is always the best
Grey salt to taste

Toss it all together, no need to make the dressing first.

Tip: The timing of when to dress this salad is something to consider. I usually dress salads at the last possible minute so that they don't wilt. This one needs a bit more time (not much) so that the larger salt crystals have a chance to dissolve.

If you are not used to grey salt, it's a wonderful flavor that is most satisfying. The salt is grey because it still has all the minerals so I'm told it's so much better for you! You can find it easily at the health food store.

You can add some prepared tahini to this salad, on the side, drizzle on top of individual servings, or toss right in. YUM!

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